Tips for Making Money Online With a Soft Toys Distributor

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Tips for Making Money Online With a Soft Toys Distributor

31 July 2015
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If you want to make money online, a good way to do that is with a soft toys distributor. The distributor would manufacture and warehouse the toys, but you would work to sell them to individuals, collect the order information and payment, and then forward this information to the distributor so they can arrange shipment. Typically you would charge the customers a particular price and then pay the distributor; your profit is the difference between these two amounts.

As with making money selling anything online, it's good to know how to do this properly so that you aren't wasting time and are reaching the most number of customers with a website. Note a few tips on how to be a success with selling soft toys from a distributor online:

1. Use social media

A website is very good for selling, but social media can help you to reach an even wider audience. This means utilizing a Facebook page, Twitter feed, or other similar sites to reach out to your customers. Your social media can include anything that would be useful and interesting for your intended audience; for soft toys, this would be new parents.

Your social media channels might include tips for new parents, advice, reminders for how to keep babies safe, and the like. You'll generate a strong following with this type of information and in turn, will create an audience for your product.

2. Understand search terms

Search terms are what people search for online. These terms need to be on your site for search engines like Yahoo and Google to match your site to these terms. You cannot simply put up a website and expect people to find it; you need to understand how sites get found when people are looking for toys for their kids. For example, you might find that terms like "soft toys for newborns" and "are soft toys safe" are very popular, so these need to be on your site for people to find it when shopping online.

3. Be careful of pricing

Your soft toys distributor may have guidelines for pricing their items, and it's good to follow these. These numbers are not just random prices, but your distributor will typically base these their costs as well as competitor pricing. They may check this competitor pricing every day with software programs that search the internet for identical or similar products from hundreds of different outlets.

Your distributor will then determine their recommended pricing based on all that information. Use their guidelines for yourself rather than just choosing random numbers or using one or two competitor prices as a guide. Contact a company such as Elka to learn more.